Has this ever happened to you?

I’m quilting away in my quilting room and doing laundry at the same time. The laundry room is next to my quilting room in the basement, which makes it convenient. As I’m hanging up clothes I notice I need more hangers. Upstairs I go to the bedrooms to gather up some hangers.

After gathering several hangers I decide while I’m upstairs I will make a…pit-stop, if you know what I mean.

That’s when I decide to quickly clean the bathrooms. They’re small it won’t take long.

clean the bathroom

Ok, bathrooms clean. Back downstairs I go.

As I walk through the kitchen I notice the brownies I baked last night sitting on the counter. I think I’ll have one.


Oh, and I should check my emails. A friend is in the hospital, I should check to see if there are any updates.


Ok, now back to the basement. As I walk down the stairs I notice that the door to the laundry room is open. We always keep the door closed, “Why would it be open?” I ask myself.


Oh! That’s right. I went upstairs to get hangers!!!

Back upstairs I go, back to my bedroom and here they are…


the hangers I went upstairs to get 1/2 hour ago! Wow!


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