Can you guess what this is?

Sleepy 2

You might be thinking, “uh, a dog?”. You’d be partly correct. It is a dog, a 6 month old puppy to be exact. But the truly correct answer is…a very tired puppy. You see this doesn’t happen very often. Daisy is usually on the go most of the time exploring and taking in all she can of the world around her. But this day Daisy really got her exercise and she was tuckered out. I was able to take successive pictures with nothing more from Daisy than a slight opening of her eyes.

Sleepy Daisy

Sleepy 3

Snoozing, she is.

Notice the quilt on the couch. It’s one of my favorite quilts to snuggle under…just thought you’d wanna know.

Sleepy 4

“Hey, you taking pictures of me?”…back to snoozing.

Sleepy 6

I was even able to get a close-up. Ah, nice quiet evening. Good-night, Daisy. Happy puppy dreams.


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