Purposing to Perfect the 9-Patch

The next items to piece were 9 patch blocks and setting triangle units.


They went together really well. Here is how I pieced the 9-patch blocks.


I made strip sets like the ones in my Straight Strip Set post. Then subcut them into 2″x5″ rectangles.

Here is my pinning technique…


I sandwich the units together making sure the seams lock together. As you pinch them together you can feel the seams locked next to each other. Then I place a pin on either side of the seam.


I like these long pins that are easy to grab as I’m sewing. I take just a small “bite” of fabric with the pins.

Here is how I pin each unit before sewing.


As I said in my earlier post, proper pressing is very important also. I press after each piece I sew together.


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