Flying Geese Ruler

Here’s my confession…I’m not one of those gadget loving quilters. I’m usually pretty basic when it comes to my quilting tools. But the finishing kit for this Amish Quilt Shop Hop quilt that I’ve been working on came with a Flying Geese Ruler from Marti Mitchell. I really like this ruler!


First of all, the pink tag holder that came on the ruler is brilliant! When I’m done using the ruler I can re-attach the directions so that they will always be on the ruler. Such a simple thing but so helpful. I won’t have to go searching thru drawers and stacks of paper looking for the directions the next time I use the ruler. Good thinking, Marti!

To use the ruler for my project I used the 3 1/2″ strip line. The top of the ruler has a flat edge that lines up on the top of the fabric strip. The picture below shows the cutting of the next triangle.


Then you flip the ruler around to cut another triangle, without wasting fabric.


After you cut the triangles you then trim the corners as shown in the picture below. This step is surprisingly helpful as I will show you.


Here are the cute little triangles that you trim away. You could save these for you next project…! Please don’t, don’t do that to yourself! Throw them away!

Okay, next step.


I did the same for the turquoise fabric triangles. I’m making border strips, not flying geese even though I’m using the Flying Geese Ruler. The corners for the turquoise triangles are trimmed also.


Here is where those trimmed corners really matter. Lining up the triangles is so much more accurate with these trimmed corners.




I pin to hold the triangles in alignment while I sew.


Here are the finished border strips. I am greatly impressed with this ruler and look forward to using it to make flying geese, but it’s nice to know that this little ruler pulls double duty making triangle borders as well.



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