Dodging the Raindrops

We have had rain 16 out of the last 19 days in central Ohio. The gardens and cornfields look great, but trying to find a time to go for a run has been difficult. I will run in a light rain. I will not run in a thunderstorm, which we have had several. Nor will I run in a downpour.

I found a window of opportunity the other evening, just after another thunderstorm. The temperature was great for running…the humidity was not so great.

I took a picture of the stream that runs along the bike path I run on.

2013-07-09 Raging river

As I said it was right after a thunderstorm with torrential rain. You can see by the grass on either side of the stream where the water had been. I was standing on a bridge to take this picture. If I had been there when the water was over-flowing those banks…I wouldn’t have stood on that bridge.

The forecast for the next week calls for more mild temperatures. 80° days and 50° nights with lower humidity. Looking forward to some great running weather!


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