Exploring the Lagoon

Each year that we’ve gone to Hilton Head Island we’ve added a new adventure. This year we decided to explore the lagoon system that runs behind the villa where we stay.

My son, Jared and his wife Katie rented a kayak for the week. Because the villa sits on the lagoon system, Jared and Katie could dock the kayak on the bank behind the villa and store it under the deck.


I confess…the first time they got into and out of the kayak I was video taping it just in case. You don’t want to miss a possible $10,000 America’s Funniest Home video opportunity. No such luck. They were quite adept at disembarking and launching their kayak.

My husband, daughter and I rented a canoe one day and paddled along the lagoon with Jared and Katie. Here is Rachel and I suited up and ready to go. We rented from Hilton Head Outfitters.


We saw an assortment of water fowl.


And HHI’s version of “Keep Holding On”.


In May while running along the bike path in my home town I saw a similar situation of a tree holding on to the bank of the river. Here’s the link to that post…“Keep Holding On”.

The last stretch of the lagoon, as we made our way back to the outfitters, was the most beautiful.


The water was so still. It looked like glass.


The trees reflecting off the water was amazing.




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