Oh Happy Day!

The Hostess Ho Ho is back!


You can keep your Twinkies and your Hostess Cupcakes, I’ve been looking forward to these guys. Now I wait for the Snowballs to return… then my Hostess dreams will be complete.


Recovery Food Fit for Man and Beast

This summer I was introduced to a new recovery food…popsicles! Recovery foods are food that runners eat right after a run to begin refueling their bodies. Some other good recovery foods that I have found are bananas, grapes, sport bars, chocolate milk…yes! chocolate milk.

The best recovery food after a run on a hot and humid summer evening is a popsicle. And of course I had to share my popsicle with my four-legged running partner, Daisy.


She likes grape flavored also.


Perhaps grape is her favorite.


And make sure you re-hydrate with water.


I didn’t have a bowl so a White Castle cup worked great.

My New Venture

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been the past few weeks, I’m here to tell you about my new venture. I have a job!

Highheels and lipstick

Yes, I have entered the world of high-heels and lipstick. Well, actually I have entered the world of finance and most days I wear flats not high-heels…but flats don’t photograph as well as high-heels.

I’m excited about getting back into the work force, working full-time, earning a paycheck. I’m working for a local company that I’ve known for several years and well thought of in our town. It has been an adjustment, but a good adjustment.

I’m still running about 3 times a week, but I have only been in my quilting room once since I started working. I’m hoping that will change once I get used to my new schedule. I’ll keep you updated.