Oh Happy Day!

The Hostess Ho Ho is back!


You can keep your Twinkies and your Hostess Cupcakes, I’ve been looking forward to these guys. Now I wait for the Snowballs to return… then my Hostess dreams will be complete.


My New Venture

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been the past few weeks, I’m here to tell you about my new venture. I have a job!

Highheels and lipstick

Yes, I have entered the world of high-heels and lipstick. Well, actually I have entered the world of finance and most days I wear flats not high-heels…but flats don’t photograph as well as high-heels.

I’m excited about getting back into the work force, working full-time, earning a paycheck. I’m working for a local company that I’ve known for several years and well thought of in our town. It has been an adjustment, but a good adjustment.

I’m still running about 3 times a week, but I have only been in my quilting room once since I started working. I’m hoping that will change once I get used to my new schedule. I’ll keep you updated.

A Useful Digit

Have you ever considered how useful our thumbs are? Probably not, unless you’ve injured your thumb to the point of rendering it useless like I did the other day.


While washing my Ninja food processor I cut my thumb on the blade. You know, those very sharp blades on food processors. I even told myself as I carefully swooshed it in the hot soapy water, “Remember to be careful those blades are sharp!” I will spare you the gory details. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not squeamish about the sight of my own blood or I would have been on the floor.

So, for the next 2 days I was reminded just how useful our thumbs are. Here is my list of everyday tasks that require your thumb.

  • texting
  • removing your contacts
  • pinning fabric
  • brushing your teeth
  • using the remote control
  • typing
  • writing

It made me stop and thank God for giving me thumbs. What useful digits they are.

Has this ever happened to you?

I’m quilting away in my quilting room and doing laundry at the same time. The laundry room is next to my quilting room in the basement, which makes it convenient. As I’m hanging up clothes I notice I need more hangers. Upstairs I go to the bedrooms to gather up some hangers.

After gathering several hangers I decide while I’m upstairs I will make a…pit-stop, if you know what I mean.

That’s when I decide to quickly clean the bathrooms. They’re small it won’t take long.

clean the bathroom

Ok, bathrooms clean. Back downstairs I go.

As I walk through the kitchen I notice the brownies I baked last night sitting on the counter. I think I’ll have one.


Oh, and I should check my emails. A friend is in the hospital, I should check to see if there are any updates.


Ok, now back to the basement. As I walk down the stairs I notice that the door to the laundry room is open. We always keep the door closed, “Why would it be open?” I ask myself.


Oh! That’s right. I went upstairs to get hangers!!!

Back upstairs I go, back to my bedroom and here they are…


the hangers I went upstairs to get 1/2 hour ago! Wow!