Good Dogs

While putting the rows together for the quilt I’m working on I snapped a few pictures of my “good dogs”. Even the puppy knows to stay off the quilt.

Good Daisy

Here is a picture of Daisy tip-toeing around the quilt. She was about 7 months old when I took this picture. What a good puppy!

And here is the old guy, Laddie, laying beside the quilt. Good boy!

Good Dog

While clearing floor space to lay out the quilt, I tossed one of Daisy’s toys behind me. Here is where it landed.

Good Laddie

Poor guy! He just laid there with that ratty toy on him. I guess he thought I put it there for a reason.

Dogs…you gotta love ’em!


Recovery Food Fit for Man and Beast

This summer I was introduced to a new recovery food…popsicles! Recovery foods are food that runners eat right after a run to begin refueling their bodies. Some other good recovery foods that I have found are bananas, grapes, sport bars, chocolate milk…yes! chocolate milk.

The best recovery food after a run on a hot and humid summer evening is a popsicle. And of course I had to share my popsicle with my four-legged running partner, Daisy.


She likes grape flavored also.


Perhaps grape is her favorite.


And make sure you re-hydrate with water.


I didn’t have a bowl so a White Castle cup worked great.

My 4 Legged Running Partner

One of my favorite running partners is my 8 month old puppy, Daisy.


She’s a great pace partner. She runs right beside me.


Looking around and taking in the scenery.


But she keeps pace right with me.


Every now and then she nuzzles my hand with her nose while we’re running. It’s the sweetest thing. We’ll be running along and all of a sudden I feel this cold little nose touch my hand. I look down and she’s looking up at me with this happy expression on her face.

This is our first English Shepherd so I don’t know if it’s an English Shepherd thing or if it’s just Daisy’s personality. I take it as her way of encouraging me, “Keep going, you’re doing great!”

I’m just glad to have such a great, always ready and always willing running partner.


Thanks Daisy for another great run!

Newest Members to our Farm

We recently purchased day old chicks to add to our farm. We have had chickens for several years now. This time we purchased Golden Comets. They are supposed to be a very good food-to-egg-ratio chicken. This is a picture of them the first week we brought them home.


They are so cute and fluffy.

Even Daisy our 6 month old puppy thought they were cute.


A baby checking out the babies.

Here are the same chicks just a few short weeks later.


There are 8 hens and 1 rooster. The rooster is the cream-colored one looking up at the camera. From the beginning he has watched out for his “girls” and acting as their protector. That’s ok as long as he doesn’t get aggressive with us…then all will be well.

And now they have moved up to the “Big” coop.

Pretty coop

It was time to get them out of the basement and transition them in with the other chickens.

Dash & Henny Penny

Here are a couple of roommates. Dash the rooster and Henny Penny. My husband constructed a lattice box in the corner of the coop for the chicks.


This allows them time to grow so that they will be big enough to defend themselves if need be and gives the other chickens time to get used to the new residents.


See the little cream-colored rooster looking up at the camera again. He’s a very alert little guy.

And here is a hen doing what hens do.


Thank you for the delicious egg!

Can you guess what this is?

Sleepy 2

You might be thinking, “uh, a dog?”. You’d be partly correct. It is a dog, a 6 month old puppy to be exact. But the truly correct answer is…a very tired puppy. You see this doesn’t happen very often. Daisy is usually on the go most of the time exploring and taking in all she can of the world around her. But this day Daisy really got her exercise and she was tuckered out. I was able to take successive pictures with nothing more from Daisy than a slight opening of her eyes.

Sleepy Daisy

Sleepy 3

Snoozing, she is.

Notice the quilt on the couch. It’s one of my favorite quilts to snuggle under…just thought you’d wanna know.

Sleepy 4

“Hey, you taking pictures of me?”…back to snoozing.

Sleepy 6

I was even able to get a close-up. Ah, nice quiet evening. Good-night, Daisy. Happy puppy dreams.