It’s Good to be Home

Our 2013 beach vacation is in the books.


Heading for home in the fast lane…I was doing the speed limit.

Heading home

The scenery along the border of North Carolina and Virginia is breath-taking.

Northern North Carolina and Virgina border

Vacations are wonderful, but when you have these guys (guy & girl) to come home to it’s all good.

Dog reunion

I think they missed each other.

Laddie our 11 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix stayed at home. My nephew house-sat for us. Laddie can be trusted alone in the house. He’s earned that right.

But we boarded our 8 month old English Shepherd puppy, Daisy. Daisy requires more supervision. A co-worker of my husband owns a kennel. So, that is where Daisy vacationed. Rumor-has-it or should I say pictures texted to us, shows she may have got some extra attention at the kennel. Evidence has since been erased.

Never-the-less, she was happy to be home and Laddie was happy we were all home.

Daisy looks like she’s begging Katie to never leave again.


As I said vacations are wonderful. But being welcomed by these two…

Happy dogs

reminds you that there’s no place like home!


Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

One afternoon we hiked part of the trail in the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is about 1/2 mile from Hilton Head Island.

We hiked about 3 miles and it was a hot and humid day, as you can see by the sweat stain on the back of Jared’s shirt.


But it was worth it. We saw salt marshes.

Salt Marsh

Woodland areas.


Brilliant blue sky.


White Herons.


Green snakes.


Adorable armadillos.


Isn’t it adorable? I guess these little guys can be quite a nuisance, but for this Ohioan who’s never seen one before…it was adorable.

Exploring the Lagoon

Each year that we’ve gone to Hilton Head Island we’ve added a new adventure. This year we decided to explore the lagoon system that runs behind the villa where we stay.

My son, Jared and his wife Katie rented a kayak for the week. Because the villa sits on the lagoon system, Jared and Katie could dock the kayak on the bank behind the villa and store it under the deck.


I confess…the first time they got into and out of the kayak I was video taping it just in case. You don’t want to miss a possible $10,000 America’s Funniest Home video opportunity. No such luck. They were quite adept at disembarking and launching their kayak.

My husband, daughter and I rented a canoe one day and paddled along the lagoon with Jared and Katie. Here is Rachel and I suited up and ready to go. We rented from Hilton Head Outfitters.


We saw an assortment of water fowl.


And HHI’s version of “Keep Holding On”.


In May while running along the bike path in my home town I saw a similar situation of a tree holding on to the bank of the river. Here’s the link to that post…“Keep Holding On”.

The last stretch of the lagoon, as we made our way back to the outfitters, was the most beautiful.


The water was so still. It looked like glass.


The trees reflecting off the water was amazing.



Biking on Hilton Head Island

Biking is a popular pastime on the island. Designated bike paths are throughout the island. Weekly bike rentals cost about $25-$35, which includes bike locks and baskets. We’ve rented from The Bike Doctor for the past 4 years. I call them and order our bikes a few days before our vacation. When we arrive at our villa the bikes are there waiting on us. And the day we leave The Bike Doctor comes and picks them up. Couldn’t be easier.

We love riding on the bike path near our villa. The scenery is beautiful.

Bike path
Along the bike path you see stately homes tucked back in the trees.

Beautiful Homes

Winding roads that seem to disappear in a canopy of trees.


And people walking their dogs.


This is the time I start to miss my dogs.

Hilton Head Island

My family and I recently had the pleasure of going on VACATION! For the past 5 years we have gone to Hilton Head Island, SC. We’ve stayed at the same villa for the past 4 years and it has worked well for our family.

If we are not bicycling, canoeing or at the beach…we are hanging out on the back deck that overlooks the lagoon.

Where's Jared

From left to right is my daughter Rachel, my daughter-in-law Katie, me, my husband Roger and my son…

The family on the deck of our villa


If I’m not on the back deck I’m right here.


Ah, the beach!


Hilton Head Island has great beaches. When the tide is out the beach is huge. And the sand is hard-packed which is great for playing games on the beach.


I purposely did not include pictures of us playing games on the beach because that would include bathing suit pictures…and that’s not happening.

Two of my favorite things about HHI is walking on the beach in the evening.

Sunseting on beach

And the majestic Live Oak trees with the Spanish moss dripping from them.

I want this in my backyard

I want this to be my backyard. This swing just beckons you, don’t it?