Hilton Head Island

My family and I recently had the pleasure of going on VACATION! For the past 5 years we have gone to Hilton Head Island, SC. We’ve stayed at the same villa for the past 4 years and it has worked well for our family.

If we are not bicycling, canoeing or at the beach…we are hanging out on the back deck that overlooks the lagoon.

Where's Jared

From left to right is my daughter Rachel, my daughter-in-law Katie, me, my husband Roger and my son…

The family on the deck of our villa


If I’m not on the back deck I’m right here.


Ah, the beach!


Hilton Head Island has great beaches. When the tide is out the beach is huge. And the sand is hard-packed which is great for playing games on the beach.


I purposely did not include pictures of us playing games on the beach because that would include bathing suit pictures…and that’s not happening.

Two of my favorite things about HHI is walking on the beach in the evening.

Sunseting on beach

And the majestic Live Oak trees with the Spanish moss dripping from them.

I want this in my backyard

I want this to be my backyard. This swing just beckons you, don’t it?


Dodging the Raindrops

We have had rain 16 out of the last 19 days in central Ohio. The gardens and cornfields look great, but trying to find a time to go for a run has been difficult. I will run in a light rain. I will not run in a thunderstorm, which we have had several. Nor will I run in a downpour.

I found a window of opportunity the other evening, just after another thunderstorm. The temperature was great for running…the humidity was not so great.

I took a picture of the stream that runs along the bike path I run on.

2013-07-09 Raging river

As I said it was right after a thunderstorm with torrential rain. You can see by the grass on either side of the stream where the water had been. I was standing on a bridge to take this picture. If I had been there when the water was over-flowing those banks…I wouldn’t have stood on that bridge.

The forecast for the next week calls for more mild temperatures. 80° days and 50° nights with lower humidity. Looking forward to some great running weather!

All the Blocks Are In

The 2011 Amish Quilt Shop Hop quilt is almost done. After I had sewn the rows of blocks together to the half-way point…


I started on the opposite corner.


That way I don’t have to keep sewing rows onto a big and bulky quilt top.

After sewing the final rows on the bottom corner…


I sewed the 2 halves together and voilà! All the blocks are in.

almost done

Next and final step is sewing on the borders.

My Favorites at the NQA Quilt Show, part 3

Here are the final quilts from the NQA Quilt Show that simply, caught-my-eye. I think you’ll see why.






This final quilt was made by Alisa Seamster…love the name! How ironic.

This is an impressive quilt.


I took a picture of the label explaining how the quilt was made.


Yes, 33,320 half-inch squares…wow! And if that isn’t impressive enough, she “tied” it. Alisa was standing there by her quilt so she showed me the back and all the ties!


I hope you enjoyed the NQA Quilt Show and Tell. As I said…it always inspires me to improve my quilting and try new innovations. Cross-stitch quilting will not be one of them though. I’ll leave that to Alisa Seamster.

Free to Run

Happy Independence Day!

To begin my July 4th celebrations I took part in a Free to Run 5k/5 Miler with my Run for God running group.

2013-07-04 Free to run

I’m the one in the middle with the green hat and my daughter-in-law, Katie, is beside me in the grey t-shirt…holding the half-eaten bagel. This was a fun run to celebrate the freedoms we have in this country.

July 4thThank you to all those who have fought and given so much so that we can live in freedom!

Again I say, “Thank you”!

God bless America!

My Favorites at the NQA Quilt Show

As I said in yesterday’s post. I also took pictures of quilts that I especially liked. Sorting through them I saw that each one fell into 1 of 3 categories: Traditional, Flora & Fauna and just simply Caught My Eye.

Here is the Traditional category…



I really liked the border on the quilt above. Here is a close-up…




And the last quilt in the my Traditional category must be seen close-up.

Full Size View

Full Size View



Tomorrow will be my Flora & Fauna category.

NQA Quilt Show

I had the privilege of volunteering at the 2013 NQA Show this year in Columbus, Ohio.


I was a sack-sitter. I baby-sat quilters’ purchases while they went to shop for more…hahaha. Actually it is a very useful service. It’s like a coat-check system but it’s summer and no one is wearing a coat. So we checked shopping bags, suitcases, rolling carts, lunch boxes, even fencing equipment. Yep, fencing equipment. There was a fencing conference going on next door and a lady from that conference stopped in to look at the beautiful quilts. She was from California. She said she was a knitter but she appreciated the art of quilting. I love meeting interesting people.

After my volunteer time was over I had the pleasure of viewing all the beautiful quilts. And I took several pictures. Here are the pictures of the top winners.

Best of Show Lrg Quilt

Best of Show Large Quilt

Best of Show close-up

Best of Show close-up

As you can see the quilting is beautiful!

Best of Show Medium Quilt

Best of Show Medium Quilt

Close up of the texture

Close up of the textured fabric

I don’t know how the quilter obtained such texture on this plant, it looked real. I wanted to touch it…but I didn’t.

Best of Show Small Quilt

Best of Show Small Quilt

Other Best of Show Quilts

Other Small Best of Show Quilts

Best Machine Quilting Large Quilt

Best Machine Quilting Large Quilt

As I sorted through my pictures I realized I did not take a closeup of the Best Machine Quilting Large, Medium or the Small quilts. Apparently I was more impressed with the quilting on the Best of Show quilt. I guess that’s why it’s the Best of Show.

Best Machine Quilting Medium Quilt

Best Machine Quilting Medium Quilt

Best of Show

Best of Show

I’m not sure the category of the above quilt. Perhaps NQA has a whole cloth category. This quilt is beautiful! You need to see it in person to truly appreciate it. Here is a closeup.

Best of Show close up

Best Hand Quilting Large Quilt

Best Hand Quilting Large Quilt

Best Hand Quilting Medium Quilt

Best Hand Quilting Medium Quilt

There were lots of beautiful quilts. I love to go to quilt shows it always inspires me.

After looking at all the top winners, I then meandered through the rest of the show and took pictures of quilts that caught my eye. I will post those tomorrow. Stay tuned…

Making Plans for My Favorite Fall Shop Hop

I just got on the Amish Quilt Shop Hop website to see what the theme is for this year. It is, “Creating Traditions”.

Amish Quilt Shop Hop

What a great theme. I wonder how the shop owners will translate that theme into their quilt block layouts. There are 10 quilt shops participating this year.

The dates for the shop hop are October 30-31, November 1-2, 2013. Mark your calendars now. I can’t wait to see the fabric collection chosen for this year.

For more information click on the Amish Quilt Shop Hop logo above.

My 4 Legged Running Partner

One of my favorite running partners is my 8 month old puppy, Daisy.


She’s a great pace partner. She runs right beside me.


Looking around and taking in the scenery.


But she keeps pace right with me.


Every now and then she nuzzles my hand with her nose while we’re running. It’s the sweetest thing. We’ll be running along and all of a sudden I feel this cold little nose touch my hand. I look down and she’s looking up at me with this happy expression on her face.

This is our first English Shepherd so I don’t know if it’s an English Shepherd thing or if it’s just Daisy’s personality. I take it as her way of encouraging me, “Keep going, you’re doing great!”

I’m just glad to have such a great, always ready and always willing running partner.


Thanks Daisy for another great run!