Beans, Beans and More Beans

This year has been an amazing year for gardening. We have had a bumper crop of vegetables. The vegetables that have given us the greatest yield so far have been the green beans. We froze them, and froze them, canned them in pints, canned them in quarts, cooked them for dinner, and even gave some to co-workers. All that out of just 2 short rows of green beans!

My husband finally pulled the plants after the fourth picking. We’ve never had more the two pickings. The second picking is usually inferior to the first. Not this year! Here is a picture of one of the plants at the fourth picking.


Beautiful clean, straight beans. Amazing!


These beauties kept me up till midnight one night. After work I picked up fast-food for dinner so that I could get started on canning as soon as I got home. My canner only holds 7 quart. So I had to process them in two batches. That’s what kept me up till midnight. I had to wait for the last batch to cool so I could take them out of the canner.

This winter when the snow starts to fly and I open a can of these green beans for dinner it will all be worth it!


Strawberry Season

It’s strawberry season in southeastern Ohio. This is turning out to be a great year for strawberries.


This is one beautiful strawberry!


It makes my hand look so small. No, that is not a child’s hand, it’s my hand and it’s a really big strawberry.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy strawberries is Strawberry Freezer Jam.


Freezer jam is so easy to make. All you need is pectin, I use Sure Jell, and sugar…and strawberries, of course. I use the recipe that comes in the Sure Jell box. And I freeze the jam in jelly jars.


Look at that yummy, sticky, strawberry goodness! I wish I could give you-all a spoonful!

Now they are ready for the freezer.


Yes, there are several different types of rings, jars and lids. It’s eclectic, right? No, actually it is economics. Some of those lids were given to me. I’m not sure if they will seal so I’m not going to use them for canning, but for freezing they work great.