Spring is Done

My Spring wall-hanging is done!

All done

This little wall-hanging took much longer than expected. But it is done and it’s still spring!

I chose a longer sewing needle then I usually do to sew the binding onto the back.

Sewing binding to the back

The longer needle made such a difference. Sometimes it’s the simplest change.

All done and on the wall

Yea! I finally have a new spring wall-hanging on the wall.



Time for Binding

My “Spring” wall-hanging is ready for binding.

Ready for binding

I use the french-fold binding technique for my quilts. For smaller quilts or wall-hangings I cut 2″ strips and sew them together using 45° seams to get the length of binding that I need.


Then I press the strip in half, wrong sides together.


I cut a 45° angle at the end of the strip.



Then I fold down the edge of the angle about 1/4″ .


Here it is pressed and ready to sew onto the quilt.


The prepared binding is laid on the front side of the quilt, with raw edges of the binding matching the raw edges of the quilt. I usually start sewing the binding down along the right side, bottom corner of the quilt.


When I come to a corner I stop sewing about 1/4″ from the end of the quilt and back-stitch. Then remove the quilt from the machine.


I fold the binding back at a 45° angle and finger-press.


Then fold the binding back down along the quilt, lining up the raw edges of the binding with the raw edges of the quilt again. I begin sewing at the top of the corner, back-stitching a few stitches. Then continue sewing the binding onto the quilt using the same technique at each corner.


When I’ve sewed around the entire quilt reaching the point I began, I trim off the extra binding leaving just enough to tuck into the 45° I created at the beginning of the binding. I then continue sewing about an inch past my original starting point.


It makes a nice finished look. Next is whip-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.

The Beauty of Spring

In February I started training to run a half marathon. I’ve been training with a group from our church. During the week we run 2-3 miles on our own Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Saturday’s we run the long runs with the group. Each Saturday we’ve been adding a mile to our run.

On the Saturday long runs we’ve been running on a bike path in our home town. Some of the scenery along the bike path is beautiful and really makes running outdoors a pleasure…even on cold mornings.

It has been really nice to see the change in seasons from when I first started training in February. The other morning as I came around a corner I was greeted by this amazingly, beautiful tree in full bloom.

Beauty around the corner

Getting a head start of spring beauty

While the surrounding trees are mostly still brown, this tree greeted me in its beautiful purple splendor.

I love how it hangs over the bike path.

Covering the bike path

It not only looked beautiful it smelled beautiful too. And the bees loved it. The tree was literally humming from all the bees.

Looking up

I love the contrast of the purple blooms, the dark brown bark and the blue sky. Seeing things like this is one of the reasons I love to run outside.

I Need a New Spring Wall-hanging

It has been a long winter. Now that spring has finally sprung I felt the need for a new spring-like wall-hanging. After perusing my abundant stash of quilting magazines, I couldn’t settle on a pattern that I liked. So, I decided to create my own.

I wanted an applique quilt. The must haves on my spring applique quilt were a bunny, clover, a spring flower and, last but not least, a honeybee. These things just say “spring” don’t they? And this quilt literally says, “Spring!” I think I will name it, “Looks Like Spring”.

Here is a picture of my quilt as I’m getting ready to machine quilt.

Looks Like Spring